Bank of America (Benefits and Advice)

Abbreviated as BofA, Bank of America is a multinational investment bank and financial services company, which is the second largest banking institution in the USA. The bank offers a wide array of account options with checking, savings, CDs, IRAs, and investment accounts.

Every account type has different settings that can be modified according to your financial situation. For instance, in the first, i.e., Checking account, you can change the setting to Advantage SafeBalance, Advantage Plus Banking, or Advantage Relationship Banking. By having a bank of America login , you can manage your money effectively. Moreover, you get unlimited access to a wide network of BofA financial centers, online and mobile banking, ATMs, and more.

How do I open a Bank of America account online?

To open a Bank of America account online, you will have to fill in the required application form. The information you will need to provide is your current mailing address, email address, account number (valid if you already have a checking account), social security number, and details of any joint account holder.

On the contrary, if you don’t want to open a bank account online, then visit bank of America sign in or your nearest BofA branch and provide the documents there to do get a new account. There you will be asked to provide two forms of your identity proofs (U.S. passport, Driver’s license, Military ID with photo, or State-issued ID with photo). To know which BofA account is good for you, contact their customer support center or speak to one of the executives, when you visit the branch.

Types of Bank of America Credit Cards

BofA offers you all four different types of credit cards to enjoy travelling, shopping, dining, and entertainment, without any hassle. You can choose from:

Bank of America Travel Rewards

No annual fee is required to apply and use this card. With bank America online banking sign and BofA Travel Rewards credit card, you get 1.5 points for every $1 you spend. The best part of these points is that they never expire. The card comes up with a special offer that if you spend a minimum of $1000 within the first three months, then you get eligible for 25000 bonus points.

Bank of America Premium Rewards

The card has a very low annual fee and gives you 2 points on every $1 spent, when you make payment for dining or travel bookings. For bank America online sign banking and all other purchases, you get 1.5 points on every $1 spent. Spend a minimum of $500 within the first three months and get eligible for the 50000 points.

Bank of America Cash Rewards

Get Bank of America Cash Rewards credit card and enjoy no annual membership fee. Moreover, you also earn 3% cash back in your preferred categories and 2% cash back when you shop groceries. For all other purchases, you are eligible for the 1% cash back. Spend a minimum of $1000 within the first 90 days of your account opening, and receive $200 cash rewards.


BankAmericard and bank America login helps you to save big on the interest amount to pay down the principle balance quickly. Apply now to make the most of it.

To apply for one of these credit cards, it is mandatory to fulfill the terms and conditions listed with it or said to you by a Bank of America professional. Enjoy hassle-free bank America online sign with Bank of America.